Frequently Asked Questions

Does the app work on iOS or Windows 10?

No, the app is built on top of many Android libraries, it does not work on other operating systems.
It is currently not planned to port the app to other systems.
If you really want to, you could try to transfer your world to an android device, use the app on that device, and share the world on your LAN network to play on the iOS device.
Ask @jocopa3 on twitter for progress on his Blocktopograph port to Window 10.

It crashed! Oh noes, what do I do?

The most common crash isn't really a "crash", it shows a message that the world could not be opened.
You get this message because of a "file-system-lock", which means that another app is using the save file, which caused the save file to be locked, inaccessible for other applications.
It is very likely you forgot to close the world in Minecraft and switched directly to Blocktopograph, Minecraft does not remove the lock while it has opened the world in the background, so you should do that yourself.
First step is to close the world in Minecraft, than close Blocktopograph, restart Blocktopograph, and open the world in Blocktopograph.
Another possibility is that you reopened the world in Blocktopograph very quickly, if so, try to restart Blocktopograph to remove the old lock.

Other crashes are unforeseen, and can be troubleshooted by reading the error-message very carefully and asking other people what it means.
I am NOT responsible for any data corruption or crashes, you should back up save-files of Minecraft before opening them with third-party apps!

I have this amazing suggestion, how do I tell you about it?

Sounds good! You can suggest it on twitter, I might try to implement it if the feature makes sense, is reasonable and is a significant improvement to the current app.
Please don't suggest troll-features, thank you.

Thing A doesn't work with Blocktopograph version B, using Minecraft Pocket Edition version C. what do I do?

If B is old, try to update it. If C is new, try to downgrade it. If A is important, report it by tweeting it to me on Twitter, I will see what I can do for you.

I don't understand the NBT editor, how does it work?

Oh, it's simple! NBT means Named Binary Tag, it is a format used in Minecraft to store save data. You can read up on it on the Minecraft wiki, most experienced Minecraft users know what it is.
The usage of the editor is really simple:

The NBT editor for the local-player data, the level.dat data and some global NBT data can be found in the drawer menu (left edge screen swipe).
Chunks with NBT can be opened by long-pressing the Chunk in the world-map.

What are the special colored blocks in map-type .... ?

There are different map-types with different colors, here is a quick overview:

Caves (Overworld): pink=chests, white=spawners, grey=(mossy)cobblestone, blue=rails, greenish gray=wooden planks.

Map (Nether): pink=chests, white=spawners, green=nether wart, dark blue=nether portal.

I want this question to be included on this F.A.Q, how do I submit it?

Please contact me through twitter. Thanks for your contribution to this list of Q&A!

How do I contact the developer of this app?

Hi! You can always reach me on twitter: @protolambda. Other contact details can be found on my website: protolambda.com

Can I donate to help improve this app?

Yes! Support is greatly appreciated. You can donate bitcoin, paypal will be set up later. Bitcoin donation address: 1LGnoEZAjKbs2PqiJFL7GfzTSdZvkggMRG

Do you work for Mojang/Microsoft/others? Is this app official?

NO. This app is a true fan-made app, all assets etc. are used on a fair-use basis. This is an UNOFFICIAL app. Clear?

Looks cool, can I contribute to the app?

Open source under AGPL v3, you can find it on GitHub here: github.com/protolambda/blocktopograph